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What is Shield Pals?

Shield Pals is helping to protect you and others from illness, while helping kids to feel more at-ease with PPE products that bring joy and safety to those who need it most.

Our face shields are made up of two elements. The Halo headband and a clear plastic Shield.  

When making your first purchase, make sure
to buy both a halo and shield. Shields are 
universal with all halo types to allow for easy 
cleaning and storage. 

All of our shields are sold individually so you can order other designs and add to your collection! 

Safety First

Face shields are designed to be worn with face covers and masks, not as a replacement. Our designs keep this in mind and bring joy back to situations where facial expressions aren't visible.

However, wearing a mask may not be feasible in every situation for some people for example, those who care for or interact with a person who is hearing impaired or work in speech therapy. For those use-cases, please refer to both CDC and state guidelines for safety requirements & practices.

To help improve your safety, we also offer Face Covers and Shield Drapes to add an extra layer of protection to our Face Shields.


Halo Types

We offer several types of halos that can be used with any of our shield types. Our newly launched Comfort Halo is ideal for all-day users and children. They are incredibly comfortable, lightweight and adjustable for long days of casual use.

Our ePVC Halo, HDPE Halo & Pro Halo are both ideal for professional environments. The Pro Halo offers an adjustable headband with an articulating arm to raise the shield without having to remove the unit.



Material: Soft Foam
Best for: All-day Wear
Industries: Education, Retail, Office, Youth & Children, Elderly.

Weight: Less than 1oz.

Features: Incredibly lightweight, adjustable fit and great for any age.



Material: Plastic (ePVC)
Best for: Professional Use
Industries: Hair Salons, Food Service, Light Industrial.

Weight: 2oz.

Features: Lightweight and easy to clean for light usage.



Material: Plastic (HDPE)
Best for: Professional Use
Industries: Medical, Dental, Food Service.

Weight: 3.4oz.

Features: Antimicrobial, adjustable fit, and very durable for high-usage and cleaning.



Material: Plastic
Best for: Professional Use
Industries: Medical, Dental, Food Service, Heavy Industrial.

Weight: 4oz.

Features: Integrated pivot on halo to raise shield without removing the entire unit.

Shield Types

We offer several sizes of face shields. The Standard Shield has a traditional shape that protects a user in any normal day environment. Our Pal Shield uses the same shape with additional space above the halo for print designs. Our Youth Shield is a bit shorter to help with head mobility while wearing the shield. We recommend the Youth Profile for children under the age of 12. Lastly, we offer a Dental Shield that supports various loupe light styles.

Shield Profiles_0006_Standard Shield.jpg


Length above Halo: 1"

Length below Halo: 9"

Shield Profiles_0007_Pal Profile.jpg


Length above Halo: 2.75"

Length below Halo: 9"

Shield Profiles_0000_Pal Low-Profile.jpg


Length above Halo: 2.75"

Length below Halo: 9"

Shield Profiles_0003_Dental - Standard.j


Length above Halo: 1"

Length below Halo: 9"

Learn more about our Dental Solutions.

Preparing the Shield

Face shields are shipped with protective films to prevent scratches and scuffs during production. Before assembling your face shield, be sure to remove this film, the shield will be crystal clear afterwards.

Please watch this video for more information.

Fitting the HDPE Halo

The standard halos are designed to have a universal fit, but the HDPE halos can be flexed to size for comfort. The halos also have hooks for rubber or elastic bands to increase the tension for even tighter fits.

Please watch this video for more information.

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ section for answers.

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