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Our Story

We started this journey in March 2020 to help address the shortages of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. We pivoted our closed manufacturing facility and started rolling out PPE.


One morning, while watching our kids sleep, we thought about how scary it would be to take them to a hospital during a pandemic. That thought quickly shifted to how much scarier the experience would be from their perspectives.

We set out to solve the problem of impersonal protective gear hiding the kindness on workers' faces. The idea was born to print fun characters on our reusable face shields to ease children’s hearts and put smiles on their faces.

We learned in the process that it's not just kids who need a little reassurance; the parents and staff do too! We could all use Shield Pals to help us feel more comfortable and give us a reason to smile and laugh in stressful situations.

This is just the beginning of our journey as we continue to expand the Shield Pals universe to include fun activities, toys, educational resources and a wide array of publishing content. Our goal is to immerse, console and educate patients in a world not unlike our own, where doctors have furry ears, nurses wear crowns, and essential workers can make you feel better just by putting on their shields.

Stay safe,

Chris & Tracy

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