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These fun designs were born while thinking about how scary it would be if young ones needed to visit a medical professional during these unusual times. Our thoughts quickly changed to how terrifying it could be from their perspectives. What is already a pretty anxious experience for them could be made worse when they can't see the face of the proffesional treating them. 


From this the Shield Pals we developed, fun designs to help add a whinsical and comforting face to those helping. What we've learned is kids aren't the only ones who need a little comfort, everyone right now can use a smile and levity.

Doggy Pal

  • A very light weight and comfortable headgear and face shield combo unit with a PETG or polycarbonate meausuring at 10"x10.5". 

    Designed for quick replacement of protective shield with one simple screw fastner. Face screen can be changed in seconds and replace with a fresh screen and used screen can be disincected and steralized for later reuse.

    Screen thickness at this time is .020 to .040 while supply chain lasts. Once exhausted we will need to switch to .060 material and price will unfortunately need to adjust.

  • Due to the nature of use we can not accept returns, but if for any reason a unit breaks within the first 30 days, we will send a replacement.


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