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The Dental Shield Evaluation Kit is designed to help you try on different halo designs to determine which works best for the way you work. The kit includes several types of halos and face shields.

The Standard and Extended Dental Halos have integrated mounts on the front of the edge to mount portable lights directly to the visor. The extended halo places this mount further from your face also allowing for loupes through the shields.


There are three included face shield types. One with a .90 hole for larger loupes, one with a .70” hold for smaller loupes and a standard shield for situations where you do not need a loupe.

Knowing one size does not fit all, we are working to continuously adapt these shields for dental use. If you need a different design or modification to work with your loupe and equipment, please let us know and we will do our best to adapt the design.

Kit Includes:


1 HDPE and ePVC Standard Halo

1 HDPE and ePVC Extended Visor Halo


1 No hole Replacement Shield

1 Narrow hole Replacement Shield (.665 inch)

1 Wide Hole Replacement Shield (.90 inch)


1 Pal Profile Replacement Shield

1 Shield Pal Printed Character


1 Shield Pal Standard Decal


Once you have decided on the best products for your workflow, you can order additional quantities as well as replacement items.

Dental Shield Assortment Kit

  • Due to the nature of use we can not accept returns, but if for any reason a unit breaks within the first 30 days, we will send a replacement.

  • The Dental Solution Evaluation Kit ships utalizing a medium USPS priority flat rate box, with a 1-3 day delivery time once the item has been processed.


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