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Our newly launched Comfort Halo is incredibly lightweight, weighing a mere 0.2 oz! Designed for all day wear, the soft foam material is flexible, bendable and very durable. One size fits most and can be tightened with the elastic band integrated. We recommend this halo for both adults and children, especially for use cases of all day wearers.  

Available in Black, Gray, & Red! This unit comes with just the halo, a shield is not included.

This halo can be used with any of our existing Shields! Great to color coordinate with your collection.

The halos can be disinfected and sterilized with CDC approved cleaners or replaced with a fresh shield. You can use a cleaning spray, wipe, or bath.

Comfort Halo

  • The halo unit is routed from a soft comfort foam material and will accept any shields in thickness from .015 to .060.

  • Due to the nature of use we can not accept returns, but if for any reason a unit breaks within the first 30 days, we will send a replacement.


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